• We, The People

    07 February 2018

Ration at the right price

When Basanti didi joined the CLEP Jharkhand cohort, she had not even heard about the Constitution. After going through the training and understanding her rights, she started questioning, why is that everyone in her village, Pantha, in Basia, Jharkhand, is getting less quantity of ration from the dealer of ration shop. She was supposed to get 20 Kgs of grain for her family but every month she only got only 18 Kgs, but paid for 20.

We, The People

When she was asked to take up a personal project during the training programme, she didn’t have to think very hard. She wrote an application complaining about the ration problem and submitted it to the CO. Nothing happened for a month, but one day the dealer called her to the ration shop and started threatening her to stop her ration altogether. He obviously had some pressure from the CO and now knew about Basanti didi’s complaint. But Basanti didi did not budge, she stood her ground and said that he will have to give her full quantity because if was written in the Act and it is her right. After 3 days of fights and threats, she received her full ration of 20 Kgs and paid Rs 20 for it.

We, The People
But she didn’t stop at that. She then shared her story and worked with other women in the village facing the same problem and wrote a group application and submitted it to the Sarpanch, the District Office and the Food Commissioner of Jharkhand. One citizen’s action has sparked a movement in this village and that’s the power our Constitution gives us!

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