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    03 April 2018

Your One Hour Can Empower!

Nisha,13yrs is from Khelra village near Gurugram. She attends smart classes and loves art and craft

If someone is going down the wrong path in life, they don’t need motivation to speed up. What they need is education to turn them around and reorient them to the right path. This is precisely what Donate An Hour (DoaR) believes in. Every child has the right to education and should not be denied education based on background - caste, creed or class.

"Donate an Hour" DoaR was started by Meenakshi Singh, a business analyst with an MBA in marketing with 15 years of work experience in IT.

Meenakshi Singh: Founder DOAR

She always wanted to transform the lives of thousands of children, the future of India. With this burning desire her thoughts became action and she took a bold step of leaving her lucrative job in UK. Once she returned to India she struggled to find a right platform where working people can contribute back to society while continuing their jobs. It was then she got the idea of "Donate an Hour" DoaR and how one hour of a person can make a huge difference to the nation. Currently DoaR operates at 17 locations in Delhi NCR and works with 300+ working professionals in the field of education, community building and healthcare.

We were privileged to have access to quality education, but most of us never experienced the challenges faced by the less privileged children. Children who dreamt of doing something valuable but lacked the reassurance to do so. In many cases subconsciously, we presume that the son of an auto driver will be an auto driver. But in reality, the child should have the opportunity to be an officer or an engineer or do someone he aspires to be.

Paromita - Doar Volunteer in Gurugram, Teaches art & craft)

In my opinion, all that these kids need is a little encouragement from our side. Once their education journey starts they rarely look back and all that we must do is just spare one hour of our time to make a difference. You may not believe it but your mentorship could drastically improve someone’s life! Each act of kindness counts!

We can even start at home by enquiring about our house help's children & their education. Please come forward to bring about positive change. Let us help kids fulfil their dreams so they may choose a brighter future & make a better tomorrow.

A wise Chinese proverb says: 'A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.'

Let’s Donate An Hour to bring the change!!!

Follow DOAR to get updated, also you can also write to the founder Meenakshi at doarindia@gmail.com