Nature walk at Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurugram

Organized by I am Gurgaon
CQ Stars Raveesh Shrivastava Neetu Sharma Shikha Gupta trishna.saikia
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About Event

Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurugram used to be a mining site until 2005. In collaboration with the MCG and a Gurugram based NGO, the citizens of Gurugram revived this 380 acre piece of ravaged land into a flourishing city forest. Now 8 years old, the park has 400 species of NATIVE Aravalli plants, is home to some 180 bird species and a multitude of mammals, insects and reptiles. It recharges the city's ground water, provides fresh air and is a recreational space for thousands of walkers.

However, NHAI is planning to create a six-lane Expressway that cuts right through this forest, in order to connect Mehrauli to Manesar. This will result in absolute destruction of the park!

Tens of thousands of people have come forward to protest against this decision! Please join us on Sunday, 4 November, to experience this beautiful forest and support us in fighting this atrocious move by NHAI and GMDA!


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