FrogFest - Celebrating Frogs in Art and Nature

Organized by WWF - World Wide Fund

172-B, Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

January 15 2018 - April 30 2018

09:00 AM – 06:00 PM IST


CQ Stars Raveesh Shrivastava Harish Vishnoi
Harish and 1 other are joining

About Event

FrogFest introduces you to the fascinating world of frogs and their conservation in a fun and interactive way. The Save Frogs Board game, the Froggy Name Game, the Draw a Frog activity, the Talks by experts and the Save Frogs Pledge – all designed to ribbit you, sorry rivet you, to the festival.

And, you will see beautiful frog artefacts to admire, comical frog figurines to bring a smile to your face and utility frog appliances to help us in our daily lives – you will find a frog for all reasons, so to speak

Did you know, why we need to save frogs?

  1. Frogs help maintain nature’s balance, and Tadpoles help keep water bodies clean
  2. Frogs are nature’s pest controllers: They protect our food crops from agricultural pests
  3. They protect us from infectious diseases: They eat insects that spread diseases like malaria and dengue
  4. Frogs are indicators of ecosystem health: Their dual lifestyle and permeable skin makes them very sensitive to changes in water, soil and air quality
  5. Frogs are used in biological and medical studies and frog chemical secretions are the basis of several medicines and their unique adaptations are studied by medical scientists
  6. One kind of frog would stop the production of stomach acids and incubate its offspring in its stomach and froglets emerge fully formed from the mother’s mouth! This could be a break-through for treatment of stomach ulcers. Sadly, this kind of frog became extinct soon after it was scientifically studied.

Also today most major threats to frogs have been caused by humans –

  1. Habitat loss and Habitat degradation, Pollution and Pesticides, Harvesting of frogs: for food, the pet trade, medical studies and tests reduces their population.
  2. Invasive Species ruin frog habitats, reduce frog prey species as well as eat the frogs and tadpoles from that area.
  3. Changes in weather patterns, global warming and increased levels of UV-B radiation: all affect frog populations adversely.
  4. Chytridiomycosis, a deadly fungal infection is today the gravest threat to frogs – it can cause thickening of the skin, ulcers and finally their death.

The Frogfest includes an exhibition of a personal collection of frog artifacts from over 40 countries, belonging to Seema Bhatt and a rendering of frogs in folk, as well as contemporary art by young artists has been curated by Aditya Arya and Mamata Pandya.


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