Film Screening: Gyamo - Queen of the mountains

Organized by WWF - World Wide Fund

WWF- India Secretriat, 172-B, Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003

May 21 2018

06:00 PM – 08:00 PM IST


CQ Stars Pratish Kumar Shantanu Kar
Shantanu and 1 other are joining

About Event

Snow leopards are rare and very difficult to film. They’ve evolved to live and survive in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. The survival of this top predator indicates that a habitat is healthy and diverse. Gyamo - the female snow leopard and her 2 cubs haven’t been seen since a big male snow leopard appeared. The father son wildlife filmmaker duo Mike and Gautam returned to the same mountain to pick up their trail and find the cubs. Exploring this amazing landscape, they discovered that there are many challenges that surround this endangered cat. Come watch this their amazing journey to find out more!


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