Global Urban Movement to Fight Climate Change

Pledge Start By : I am Gurgaon

I pledge to walk or cycle or use public transport to commute to office atleast once a week and support the fight against climate change

Anmol Dureha Raveesh Shrivastava
Raveesh Shrivastava and 3 other have taken the pledge

About Pledge

Dear Reader ,

For Pittsburgh, it's a focus on improving air quality and creating renewable energy jobs. For Paris, it's encouraging social mobility and reclaiming pedestrian areas. The common thread in these cities' climate action plans is a commitment to pledges made by 197 parties in the landmark Paris Agreement.

The only way to do right by Pittsburghers and Parisians is to abide by the principles of the Paris Agreement, which guarantees the futurehealth and prosperity of both of our cities – and every other city in the world,rationale for pulling the United States out of the pact.

Each and every life on this road is at risk and if administration does not take immediate steps the situation will worsen day by day. Ultimately this may force the companies to consider a change of location which will be a huge loss for Gurgaon. We hope you will take action immediately before it’s too late.

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