Make Anath Road Walkable ( Sub. Major Lakshmi Chand road)

Commissioner, GMDA & Principal Secretary, HSIIDC
Nagarro CQ
Rahul Sharma
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Dear Sirs ,

As you know Gurgaon is privileged to host many of the top Fortune 500 companies in the city, and few of the large MNC’s and fortune companies are situated on Anath Road ( Sub. Major Lakshmi Chand Road). Around 18 of the companies are large employers, to name a few international companies Siemens, Tupperware, Emerson, Lumax, Regus and Ameriprise and Indian MNC’s like Munjal Showa, Motherson Sumi, Orient Craft & Safe express have their offices on this road. This road also has the city Passport Sewa Kendra.

Apart from this Sarhaul village and nearby areas have a population close to 1 lac. and this road sees the large number of people using the road. It is estimated that the companies on this road employ more than 10,000 people directly and around 15,000 people indirectly. In one of the surveys conducted by Nagarro in March 2017 our surveyors saw around 4500 pedestrians and 1500 cyclists in a window of 2.5 hours from 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM.

The current infrastructure is a major road block for us in our daily commute to office as well as is a showdown for our international clients. The absence of footpaths and cycle tracks puts ALL pedestrians are at risk of being hit by incoming traffic from any direction. The road side parking that includes trucks, commercial vehicles as well as discarded trucks and absence of garbage collection adds on to the problem. The commuters are forced to walk on road which has a heavy vehicular flow that includes large trucks, commercial buses and other modes of transport. The drivers are also at a huge risk of being involved in a crash. This also adds on to the daily traffic jam faced by the people commuting to this part Gurgaon.


Each and every life on this road is at risk and if administration does not take immediate steps the situation will worsen day by day. Ultimately this may force the companies to consider a change of location which will be a huge loss for Gurgaon. We hope you will take action immediately before it’s too late.